My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

White Wednesday in the Workroom!

This is my very first...

White Wednesday Post!

I signed up last week at

and then... didn't have any thing to blog about!

So...this week

 as I was working on the

 Christmas collection,

I made sure

that the items I was doing in all

whites and creams

were far enough along that I could share them
with you!

 To Start with though,

These are some of my white pansies.

Because I did all white

for Autumn this year are my pansies

I've been very busy this past week in my sewing room.

At one point...

There were actually 2 sewing machines going at the same time!

Here are just a couple of the pillows I've been working on.

This one is done in all white organdy!

This is a reclaimed white quilted pillow sham.
I embroidered with "Bonne Nuit"...
(good night in french! )
I have several more completed with all the usual verbage...

'Twas the Night before Christmas!

It's a wonderful life!

Merry Christmas to all...and to all a goodnight!

and many others! there just not in white!

So...I guess we will have to wait until the

to see the rest!

Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday and rest of the Week!


P.S. I just realized...30 days from today until the long awaited Christmas Open House...How's that for putting a tad bit of stress on a person. Any whoo...Hope you enjoy this little sneak peak.


  1. Hi Donna! You are just soooo talented! I love those pillows, especially the "believe" pillow! Just gorgeous! How is your week going? Well, I guess with 2 sewing machines going at once, the answer must be...busy :)

    :) T

  2. Donna,those cushions are just lovely. I especially like the small white pom pom trim. You are a clever, busy lady!
    And thanks for the pic of your pansy. We don't have any flowering gardens here due to water restrictions etc so appreciate anything we can get.

  3. What beautiful pillows Donna! I love that you are doing them all white. I'm also glad that you are joining us for WW. Love the pansies.

  4. The white organdy "believe" pillow is gorgeous! What talent you have! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. Hi,
    So glad you're joing in White Wednesday! I love the white pillow with the "bonne nuit", very charming! Your pansies are beautiful.
    Have a great WW.
    My Best

  6. I'm so... glad you like my pillows! I personally prefer the white on white and cream...They just don't sell here in Indiana!
    Thank you for making my a day alot brighter!
    It's easier to sit at my sewing machines all day after recieving your encouraging comments!

  7. Welcome aboard, I loved you pillows, I make pillows to. Yoursw are beautiful.

    come visit-Cindy@stitches

  8. My first White Wednesday post is today as well! Your pillows are amazingly beautiful...thanks for sharing the bliss :o)
    Pop over to my place (I'm in the middle of a giveaway too) and say hello if you get a chance.

  9. The pillows are beautiful Donna! I love white on white. Funny you talking about Christmas! I have been preparing for Halloween but got some of my Christmas books and mags out last week...just love the holiday season! Have a wonderful night and I sent you the recipe via email [you probably got it before this ;-)].

  10. Your pillows are just gorgeous. I also love your white pansies. I usually plant all white ones on my front porch and will probably be getting them soon. Thanks for sharing and joining in today.


  11. Your pillows are fabulous. Wow, what a talented gal you are. I shudder when I have to sit down and sew a straight line. I love the white on white theme; and speaking of, isn't WW just awesome. Love it! Have a great week!

  12. Hey Donna, Sorry, This give-away has been wonderful, just meeting and being in contact with so many great people, but whew, I've had a hard time keeping up! I need to make a "disclaimer" on my blog. "If you don't hear from me, I still love you, I've just had a Senior Moment, and I temporarily have forgotten where I am. HA HA!" Thanks for checking in with ME!
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Hey Donna!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and thanks for your sweet comments. Your blog is so beautiful! I love your white pillows. I am a sucker for a great pillow. I just can't help myself! Horton's looks gorgeous! What a great job! I am so looking forward to reading your blog now.



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