My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Meet Yvette...She has quite a glowing personality

Tomorrow I will spend  the day
at the store...

working in
 Madame Fifi's boudoir.

So today...

I am putting  the finishing touches

on some of the items

that I have made for this vignette.

I would like to introduce you to

Madame Yvette.

Madame Yvette  has a rather illuminating personality!

And...she is not sure if she is going to like sharing the limelight with Madame Fifi.
so in order to maintain the peace...
Here she is making her debut...

without Madame Fifi!
(You see Fifi was quite the Femme fatale in her day)

Such Drama!

 She was ready for her closeup...
This is her underside...quite chic in her houndstooth underthings!
Although I am wondering about her desire to show you this photo...

(I think maybe she once entertained at the Moulin Rouge)

Not like any Chappeau I have ever encountered...she is truly a one of a kind!
 (And she is very much aware of it)
Just like all great Chandy's ...Absolutely must be the center of attention!

Handmade and sewn of vintage Noir Crushed Velvours and Satin.
Even her bow and rosette had former lifes.
So like the Fabulous French...Always reinventing themselves
Always so chic an En Vogue

I greatly appreciate each of you for indulging Yvette with this private showing.
Now maybe I can get back to the finishing touches I was speaking of earlier!

Just another day  here in the studio.
Making things that take on a life of their own...
Wish me luck tomorrow as I share my day with two belles dames!
Au revoir...dear friends!


  1. I simply do not know how you do it.

    You are a locomotive of pure energy barreling down the tracks of creativity! I'm reminded of Lee Ioccoca's motto: "Lead, Follow, or GET OUT OF THE WAY!" :)

    Yvette is simply stunning!! Wow!! I can see her hanging in a dark, moody-toned jewel-box of a powder room...

    Your hand work is nothing short of professional!! Kudos to you!



  2. Oh la la! Yvette is stunning. Thank you so much for enlightening us in the world of highighly fashionable decor! Beautiful!

  3. No only are you a creative genius, your commentary on this maiden showing was highly entertaining!

  4. Ohh... she is so yummy I could eat her or hang her ;) I have sooo many places in my home where I could display her.No matter where she hangs she will look simply marvelous.


  5. Donna, Madame Yvette is a stunner to be sure!Too beautiful to be eclipsed by the notorious Madame Fifi, no? But I think she will hold her own, don't you?

    Thank you so for your lovely visit!

  6. Simply jaw dropping!!!
    What a gorgeous piece.

    What an amazing talent.
    I am totally speechless and VERRRY jealous....

  7. Goodness Gracious! Yvette is quite the looker! Just exquisite!

  8. Donna, this is amazing and so very creative. Could you bottle a little of that creative genius of yours and send it my way? She is absolutely gorgeous. Now be sure and take some pictures for all of us!!!

  9. Donna is there ANYTHING you can't do?! Sheesh, us common folk can't keep up with your endless supply of creativity and talent! At least it gives up constant inspiration!!!

    You're amazing my friend!

    :) T


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