My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

The Beautiful Life


I admit it
I have an addiction...
I require a fix on a regular basis.
And I am fortunate in that my addiction is easily remedied by a stop at the website and blog of one of  my new friends...

 Ruth  Harsham

Ruth is the owner of the most wonderful online store and  auther of  the enchanting the same name

The Beautiful Life

Ruth has been so kind, supportive and helpful to me with so.. many things.

This morning I received an e-mail with help on how to edit photos using Photoshop Elements.
(I had emailed her for help the day before) And being the thoughtful person that she e-mail followed with my directions
.And I know how busy she is so this meant alot to me.

Now, back to the online boutique she owns!

Total addiction!

She has the most amazing selection of things...
I promise...
You cannot live without!

I have placed a few orders from her divine shop and each time they arrive, beautifully packaged and faster than I can even believe.
 It's like Christmas!
I don't even have to leave my studio...
as you know...

 I am in the middle of preparing for the Holiday Open house

Ruth's wonderful online shop has made it easy for me to get some really great things that I have incorporated into some of the items I've been making.
This morning...
as I was working...
the UPS man arrived with another of the fabulous items I've ordered recently!
The Amazing French Bottle Drying Rack!

Well,  I LOVE IT, Of course...
I knew from the time I placed this order...
What I was going to be doing with it. we go!

I unwrapped all the pieces and just sat there on the floor of "the big house" and looked at the box...

Within the box I of them!

And Directions! My favorite kind...All Pictures! not that simple!
(It's the assembly tech....not the product)

I'm at that age (clear throat in disbelief) ...where reading glasses are now required.
(No giggles or smirks from the family clan)

And Viola! The Gorgeous French Bottle Drying Rack!

(A serious Ta Da is required since this is one major cool piece!)

Now... Like I told you...I had other intentions for this wonderful piece!
 (I now realize I will have to order another one to use at it is originally intended)

My Supervisor is not impressed!...Oh Well!

(My family makes sure I don't take myself seriously)

I completely reworked this piece into one of my "One of a kind" Chandeliers that are so popular at the Tipton store!
(It's been coated with an ultra-cool zinc process...more on that at a later date... Since it is still  in my hair and under my nails...ugh!)

I still have all of these hooks to hang my goodies from...
It hangs from the ceiling...
And  lights up my life!

I actually had the opportunity to speak to Ruth on the phone...
I had to know if these rungs were narrow enough to put my ribbon spools on.
She not only told me a great deal about the piece...
It is totally her idea to hang tags...
and scissors...
and other small treasures from each rung.
So...If you haven't already stopped by this fabulous online boutique...Now would be a great time!
She has just gotten a new shipment of wonderments in!
(Ruth...Did you see I edited my very first pictures...and even put them in FRAMES!)

Oh yeah!

And...I cut and pasted!
(Maybe I won't have to visit a shrink to get over this after all...time will tell!)

(Thank you so...much for all of your support Miss Ruth!)

P.S. Adrienne is having a wonderful give-away (this weekend only) where she is giving away a gift certificate to The Beautiful Life! Please stop by and see

P.S.S.       No...  This was not planned for both of us to talk about The Beautiful Life...But Ain't it Great!


  1. Okay I think I actually gasped when I realized that I was looking at this bottle rack TURNED INTO A LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, I know you mentioned something about doing this... but I figured everyone was like me -- SAYS it, but never DOES it. ;)


    I am going to my blog to do a post about this, girl! People have GOT, GOT, GOT to see what you have done!!!

    Okay, yes -- I hang all that stuff on my rack, but HELLO!! I never thought to have it double-duty as a light! I"m absolutely stunning, missy. :)

    Thanks also for your sweet words for The Beautiful Life. From our chats, you have to know that I really, truly do love what I do. Ten years+ into it and I love it more than ever. This is good!

    And just look at you go with that Photoshop! Between Adrienne and her 50+ followers in two months, and now you with your Photoshop expertise and caftiness with the products I REALLY better watch my back!! :)

    Thanks a million, Donna. Truly. Thanks a million....



  2. Don't Be Silly! That's what friends do for friends...We watch your back for you! Your a doll and I LOVE you and your store...duh!

  3. Beautifully creative! I love Ruth and her shop, too!

  4. Okay now!!! I know I am supposed to be on my little vacay, BUT COME ON!!!! Donna! Are you serious!!! Girl, that is AMAZING! You are so creative! I have to get one now. I need a good place to keep all my ribbon and tags....don't know if I can turn it into a chandy, but who knows! Oh, and thanks for your sweet comments today and for blogging about my giveaway....that gets you a second entry, girlie! Isn't blogging great? I love how we can all just share the's awesome! Thanks for your support, Donna and I am so happy to be getting to know you.

    Big Hugs!

  5. Wow, such creativity at work here, what a clever lady you are Donna!
    I wouldn't have a clue about Photoshop but boy your photos look good with those frames around them...time to get some more computer aide from my teenage son I think!

  6. Love it! Very clever and ingenious!....and you're right Ruth is so very kind to her friends in bloglandia....and her shop is wonderful! Among other things....I love my custom made 52 pillow that she did just for me! Your blog is and full of inspiration! Thanks for sharing this idea.
    Take care, Laura

  7. This is such a fantastic idea! Wish I had room in my New York apartment for one! Stan

  8. OK. Turning the bottle rack into a light fixture was just too clever for words. Really. I'm speechless!

  9. I'm also a fan of "A Beautiful Life." I ordered a Nordic magazine from Ruth and it arrived beautifully gift wrapped with delicious little bag of tea.

    Great Idea for your French wine rack! Your creativity got my "juices" flowing: I cannot help but see your wine rack with little white parchment notes tied to its know...with sayings, poems and love notes written by friends; like the light fixture designed by the German lighting designer Ingo Mauer.

  10. Donna it's beautiful! I too love Ruth's shop and have been lucky to be able to purchase a few items for my self from her store. It's fabulous to have such a network of wonderful friends ~ if it hadn't been for her I would have never met you!
    Off to Adriennes! Take care.

  11. Oh my goodness!!! How beautiful!!!

    I just popped over from Ruth's blog....your site is gorgeous...I love it!!! I became a follower today and look forward to many more visits!!!


  12. I love it... I may have 2 have one of these lovlies. I have never ordered from Ruth... the good Lord knows I want 2 though :) I hope your week is WONDERFUL.


  13. Hi Donna
    Thanks for stopping by
    Your chandelier is fantastic! Great idea...
    Have a great week


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