My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

And so it begins...And Another White Wednesday

Photo from country living

I have just gotten home from the store...


We began the  task of setting up for ...
 The Christmas Open House!

We have started in what just might be my favorite area...
          The French Cottage

The room itself has been divided into two very different areas...

The boudior...(Think Fifi in Paris)

pine cone hill bedding

and the Nordic/French Kitchen...

 (Think freshly fallen snow, Skis and Snowflakes)

this plate is one that I found on one of my treasure hunts...

 It was the inspiration for this vignette.. .kind of.

well...I can't share much more than this ...
just know ...
so far...

It's really wonderful!  
For those of you who shop our store...
Think completely different than we have EVER done before!

For those of you who can't make it...
I will be revealing a different area of the store each week on
beginning the week after Open House! (November 7&8)

Can't wait!

For more delicious white wonderments...
Please head over to Faded Charm where I assure you
Kathleen has put together a wonderful selection of goodies to share with you...

Hope each of you have a Wonderful Week!


  1. Donna you have sooooo got me excited to see the end result! Can't's killing me!!!! ;-)

  2. Donna, I too am excited to see it all. I love the images in this post. Just beautiful whiteness everywhere!

  3. Would LOVE tons of pics of things -- your re-do in your home, too! :)

    See how nosy we can be??? ;)


  4. Donna,
    how pleased to mee you via katleen's faded charm.
    Love your blog (I'm already a follower) and love those white pics you've shown. Will be back soon to see what you'll be up to.
    If you have some time come and visit my blog at
    Hope to be able to welcome you there soon


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