My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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All in a day...or two's work

My Dear New Friends here in Blogland...

I wanted to share another piece I've just completed with you!

This was the project I had hoped could be completed in a day...I was wrong!

It took two days
but I think it's really cute!
I started it on Saturday and had hoped to take it to work with me on Wednesday...
But here it is Thursday...and I have just finished.
It's not hard and I thought I would show you how!

Here it is right after I finished painting it a creamy white color that I mixed using  alot of different whites and creams I had.

I guess I should back up a step or two...this was a twin size headboard

that I attached a rectangular box to ...

added two legs from my favorite hardware store...

And then embellished it with these really neat appliques and rope trim.

then it was painted...distressed...antiqued...

And now...back to where we were before I got carried away.

I then upholstered the plywood top with a 2" piece of foam...and batting...and washed burlap.

 Next...I started attaching upholstery webbing as my pleated edging.

I work my way around the front and sides...

So that they were even (view from the back)

Then I screwed the upholstered plywood to the frame I made.

Ta Da!

these are some of the pillows I completed last week...or was it the week before?
I can't remember!

There you have it!

One headboard settee...

This will be setting at the dining table (which was made from an antique door!)
 in the French/Nordic Cottage...

At the Christmas Open House at Horton's!

There is just one last thing that must be done to my little settee before it makes it's way to the store...And that's a secret!

But I promise...I will show you after the Open House!

After all...I don't want to spoil everything!

I hope you have a delightful evening!

Blessings to one and all...donna


  1. Dang you are talented Donna!!! I'm impressed you did all this in only 2 days! I do the same thing with my paint...mix all of my creams and whites way to get a color you really like!

    Have a wonderful weekend...

    :) T

  2. What an incredibly talented girl you are. This is just absolutely darling, everything about it is wonderful. The little burlap ruffleing just sets it off. Love the red accents! My problem is that I just wouldn't be able to sell it after all the time invested! I hope you plan on taking lots of photos of your open house.
    Thanks, Donna for always being such a wonderful support. I really appreciate it!

  3. Absolutely darling...I love it!!!

    I love the burlap and the ruffle is to die for...I can't wait to see it in it's final home...gorgeous!!!


  4. Okay...many emails wondering how much this little guy will retail for...Any Ideas?
    Let me know what you think in your comment and I will tell you tomorrow.
    (So glad you like it...Wait until you see the last little detail!)

  5. You are something else, Miss Donna! This has got to be the cutest thing I've seen all week...and I get around! LOL!

  6. Drop Dead Beautiful!!!!

    What an amazing transformation.
    You did an really great job.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Your blog is gorgeous and I just became a follwer!
    Will definitely be back! :)

  7. Donna, this is AMAZING!!! I think I'm in LOVE! What great taste you have girl.

  8. Hi Donna! It was so nice to read the sweet comment you left the other day... thanks! I love the bench and the lovely little jute ruffle can I just say delicious!! I am going to have to find me a headboeard and get busy making a bench now :) I hope your Friday is WONDERFUL!


  9. Donna this is absolutely wonderful I love the webbing ruffle! Cannot wait to see more!

  10. are simply amazing! I am in love with this bench! I am going to try this on a bench I have at home. I already have the webbing. All I need is the time to get it done! You are soooo talented! Love it!


  11. Thank you for the sweet post on my blog. I LOVE the settee... Exquisite from top to bottom! Your creativity...beyond words!

  12. Donna, Donna, Donna.... Are you truly one of us mere mortals???

    I'm just not sure... Just LOOK at that seat you made!! WOW!

    My eye kept going back to that gorgeous upholstery webbing "ruffle" and ... the FLOOR! I love the old wood floors in the pics! (I know, I pick out the ONE thing that this post is not even about... ). ;)

    You work amazing magic!!



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