My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

The Rest of the Story

It's raining here for the first time in quite awhile.
 (I'm thrilled! I love a good rainy day.)
Usually... I would be outside working on something in the garden .


 due to the rain...

I'm in outside, decorating our cottage for Autumn.

 I want to tell everyone how thrilled I am that you liked the wreath I made for my front door. (It's not something I would normally treat myself to)

We've gotten several orders for them and other similar things I had already started.(Book cones filled with white pumpkins)

I'm sure you are all familiar with the tale of the cobbler's children...He was so...busy, they themselves had no shoes.

 Well, picture me
as the cobbler.

A wash of guilt covers me when I take time to do things here at home when I have several people waiting for something I've made to be dragged into Horton's.

This will be the last post  I make for a few weeks because I absolutely MUST get busy completing all the projects I've started for the
 Holiday Open House.
The clock is ticking down and I've not much time

if I'm going to get finished!

In a way...this is a bit of a sneak peak!

You see...The theme for the entire store this year is
 "The Greatest Story Ever Told."... Hence the books!
So... anyway here are some photos I took on this wonderful rainy Autumn day!

this tiny german bible is one of our new favorite finds.

I really love all the white pumpkins and mercury glass mixed with books and pages!

I found another great book called "Living Letters". It's the New Testament of the Bible.

This is a closeup of the tiny galvonized baskets I tied to the side...just for fun.

Atop the mantle...I am constantly changing this but ...this is  the way it looks right this minute.
More pumpkins, book sculptures and mercury glass
(oh my)

The other side of the mantle...layers upon layers of divinity!

I made paper shred from book pages to fill this white iron urn and then tossed in a few of my favorite things.

This is the dining room corner of the cottage.(Keep in mind...this is a studio...all is contained in this room)

a better view of my centerpiece. I almost always use trays so that when we sit down to eat...It just takes a second to set the table.

Okay so I really like this layer thing... I like to see alot of depth.
To's all the layers that make thinks special.

Even the chandelier got a little gussied up.( In the Background you can catch a glimpse of our Murphy Bed)

I love this mirror! Of course it came from Horton's!

Another tray...This chest is where we keep our bedlinens so again...must be able to move quickly and easily.

This is the top of our murphy bed. It's designed to look like an Unless I tell you...
you would not know where we sleep!

A closeup of the bonnet (Top of Murphy Bed)

One last look before I go...

I hope everyone enjoys...the rest of my story!
Abundant Autumn Blessings to One and All

P.S. As you can see..I have not gotten to do the cottage makeover yet! I'm feeling a little down about it but have complete faith that I will get it done before the Holidays!


  1. Everything looks absolutely beautiful. I love your "cottage" decorating. Don't feel guilty about time spent on yourself, because if you run dry there's nothing left for anyone or anything else. Have a wonderful fall, and have fun preparing for your store!

  2. Hi Donna,
    What lovely pictures. I especially like your dining nook, that mirror (!), the chandelier, the Bibles (my favourite book)....well, everything actually.
    I know what you mean about feeling guilty doing your own thing when others are depending on you. I am in that exact situation myself.
    God bless your work,

  3. I love everything you have done to the little cottage Donna! What a difference from the last time that I saw it! Sure will be sad not to hear from you for a few weeks, but totally understand how hectic things can be. I am anxiously awaiting your Christmas photos!

  4. Everything is so beautiful... I love the booksunder the glass cloche.I hope you have an awesome Monday...


  5. Wow, Donna. Your cottage is simply darling. I love all your vignettes and especially love your dining area. I have yet to get out my fall decorating, but did put a large green squash in a yellow ware bowl on the dining table. We'll probably eat it tonight, but for now it's cute :)

    Thanks for the inspiration. (You are way beyond cut-and-paste, my dear...).


  6. I guess I will be posting one more time before I get swamped...I got a few emails wondering about the kitchen...yes, we have one I just didn't take any photos of it, the bathroom or my workroom yesterday...I will when I get home from the store this evening... But It's teeny weeny(The entire space is 425 sqare feet)

  7. Hi Mom!!! The cottage looks so bewitching!!! I can't wait to come home for Christmas... It's my favorite time of year at the Jenkins residence!! Love you

  8. Love you too! I CANNOT WAIT for you to come home either! Have a wonderful day!

  9. Hello
    Found your blog via Queen Bee,,,your decorating looks fabulous thanks for the inspiration


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