My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

The French Flea Market

I can Finally say Au Revoir to this years French Flea Market! We would like to Thank EVERYONE who came and endured the downpours. We hope that you found the event to be worth it. Thus far, Everyone we have spoke to had wonderful things to say. Next Year I promise to take better photos. I was so busy this year, I didn't even think about getting out my camera until much of the crowd has dissipated. But no worries, We always have next Paris!
April took what photos were taken, She did manage to get this shot just before 8 in the morning as I was working on the setup at the patisserie. As you can tell it was packed with wonderments.

I had made alot of these tiny tussie mussies the were tucked here and there throughout the vignette. I don't have anymore so they must have been a success. I took a couple of photos of the little patisserie. Karen Kay picked these flowers the morning of the event. So...Cute!

this closeup of some of the chicken wire cloches I made. I LOVE THESE THINGS! they really work. I had been having some issues in my garden with the rabbits eating the tops off my peppers. I tried one of these over the plant until it got a bit taller and the rabbits forgot them. I now have some new growth on my pepper plant!

I did alot of things with decoupaged book pages. Oh so fun and seemed to be a big hit.

This little shot was the top of a booksellers table. April was still putting books in it so... I cropped It! I like it better than the full shot.

More of my chicken wire cloches mixed in with these great white on white dish pieces

I will have some more photos on the website within the next few days. So make sure you check it out soon.

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