Snow Crush

It has been snowing off and on here for several days and all I want to do is curl up with a good book...


Find fabulous images of snow-like landscapes and gardens on Pinterest!

This one is available for purchase at a wonderful Etsy store! It has a fantasy feel to it and you can purchase it here:

Today, I am crushing on Snow!

Rays of Sunlight in Winter
What have you been up to on this snowy Winter's day?


  1. Love those images. We had just a little snow for Christmas and haven't had any since and no signs of any to come. I was thinking we were lucky but these photos make me wish for some if I could stay home in it. I felt lucky we had no bad weather to contend with while my Mom was going through her surgery. But I guess I wouldn't mind a little because we didn't have any last year either!

  2. Oh...forgot to say...that first photo isn't of snow at all. It's taken probably on a spring's just the way the photo has been edited in photo shop...turning all the green to white. I've seen other's like this where they turn green to does make for an amazing landscape.

  3. Hi, Donna - It's been soooooo cold in DC. And not much snow. A little dusting, but still very pretty. I'm already ready for spring and the longer days :)

  4. Donna, We have more snow on the way. Those gardens were so nice but brr they look cold. I am thinking of drawing up a new flowerbed, that I need to put in by the shop. Stay warm. xoxo, Susie

  5. Just beautiful ... Love these pictures.. Really took me there. Thank you !!! . Love, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl.. (your showing snow and sometimes on my blog I am showing the BEACH lol ) LOVE it

  6. Beautiful pictures, we are in the middle of summer here so I can enjoy them and stay warm.

  7. Lovely snowy images. I am thankful we have had very little snow. I much prefer the sunshine. It is cold here and rain and snow are predicted later this week. Enjoy your good book...

  8. Gorgeous images of winter Donna. We've had lots of freezing temperatures but not much snow thus far.. but I'm still hopeful. I always enjoy a good snow fall and change of seasons.

    Enjoy your day!


  9. I know, the snow just makes things so magical and beautiful. Like a wonderland...


  10. I wish we would have had some snow this winter, now they are saying early spring so , I guess no snow for me this year
    I love snow

  11. Gorgeous photographs! We haven't had any snow so far this year, wish we would at least get a light dusting! :)


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